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Nurse Practitioner-Medicine

Bay Shore, NY


Hiring Company

Northwell Health

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Position Description

Job Description

Performs a variety of functions and technical procedures necessary for the admission of patients, utilizing the Nursing processes of assessment, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, and outcome evaluation. Performs all duties of a Registered Professional Nurse as necessary.

Responsibilities Include:
1. Develops, implements, and evaluates the clinical collaborative practice agreements in the specific clinical area.
2. Conducts health assessments of patients/families with real or potential, acute, and/or chronic health problems. Initiates referrals to specialty services and fosters continuity of care.
3. Initiates selected therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, consultation and laboratory examinations. Prescribes and revises medical regimes. Interprets findings and plans of care according to collaborative practice agreements and protocols in designated areas.
4. Provides patient/family education and counseling in the areas of health promotion, maintenance, and disease prevention.
5. Participates in team meetings and conferences to enhance an interdisciplinary approach to primary health car delivery, Serves on departmental and multidisciplinary committees, which influence or determine policies affecting nursing practice.
6. Serves as liaison between patient and community, and acts as health care advocate.
7. Identifies quality improvement issues and develops unit-based quality improvement programs, as well as standards of care and practice.
8. Participates in approved medical and nursing research studies.
9. Maintains a current level of knowledge relative to professional practice.
10. Acts as resource to staff and implements educational programs.
11. Participates in the evaluation of the cost effectiveness of services provided.
12. Performs related duties, as required.


  •  Master's Degree in a Nurse Practitioner Program, required.
  •  Acute Care certification preferred.
  •  Current license to practice as a Registered Professional Nurse AND a Nurse Practitioner New York State.
  •  National Board Certification in specialty area, required. Certification to be obtained prior to next re-credentialing review.
  •  Completion of a pharmacology component of not less than three semester hours or the equivalent AND has been instructed in New York State and federal laws relating to prescription and record keeping (3 hour course).
  •  Has a collaborative practice agreement with a physician and designated protocols, both filed with the New York State Department of Education.
  •  Previous experience relevant to the area of clinical practice, preferred.

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Employers use ENP Network daily to search for the perfect candidate. Get listed so they can discover you.

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