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Posted about 2 years ago by Denise Coppa

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Hello All: Medicaid has announced a public meeting for June 15 at 10:00 AM to approve an amendment to medicaid language in RI.  Basically, it takes away the ability for NP's to prescribe medical supplies  #herewegoagain.  They base this language on their interpretation of CMS rule: 2348F (attached) that goes into effect on 7-1-17.  They can create language that is identical to Federal Medicare language, because RI receives Medicaid expansion funds through the ACA.  ANYWAY:  nowhere can their amendment be found.  I have calls into the medicaid office to obtain the entire amendment.  I will share this when I receive it.

I had a teleconference with Jan Towers at AANP today who is very familiar with the MACRA legislation.  I will continue to work with AANP to be sure I consider all aspects of this issue.

As soon as I have access to the amendment, I will write a "white paper" to be considered by NPARI.  I am gone the day of the hearing, but will submit the comments and have someone present to read them into the record.  Please comment!!


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