NP Alliance of Rhode Island

A Message from NPARI President, Mary Cabral

Posted 10 months ago

Sunday, March 22, 2020

To My Fellow NPARI Members:

As we navigate our lives through this challenging time coordinating our responsibilities to our families, our patients, as well as friends, neighbors and strangers, please remember to take time for yourself.

Find a place to rest…physically, psychologically and spiritually to allow yourself to “recharge your battery” as we all continue to provide for all those  dear to us.

Be Safe, Be Well.

Mary V. Cabral
President NPARI


Marianne Hurley 5 months ago

Thank you Mary for your thoughts. We all need to step back so we can continue to care not only for our patients and families, but ourselves too.

Phyllis Kelliher 5 months ago

Thank you for reaching out with your kind thoughts and words. Take care❤️

Linda Young, DNP 5 months ago

Thank you very much.

Darlene Noret 5 months ago

As providers, we often have to be reminded to recharge. Great reminder and good advice.

Cynthia Buckley 5 months ago

Good reminder to take care of the caregiver! Thanks Mary. Stay safe.

Elisabeth Butler 4 months ago

Thank you for reaching out Mary, stay safe.

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