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SURVEY! - Monthly Meeting Times Preference

Posted 4 months ago

Monthly business meetings have been taking place on the 1st Monday of the month Sept-June and the following Mondays if there's a holiday...⁣
Now that we have transitioned to virtual meetings, what time works best for you to participate? Currently, they have been starting 8 PM and don't go past 9.⁣
Please post your response in the comments! All suggestions appreciated!⁣


Mary Cabral 14 days ago

7:00 pm

Carol Rowsemitt 14 days ago

7 PM

Matt Resinger 14 days ago

7PM better than 8PM from a circadian health perspective. Could the meeting content be condensed to 30 minutes if folks insist on 8PM? How many enjoy further disrupting their melatonin stores staring at another blue screen well into the evening?

Pamela Burlingame 14 days ago


Dawn Peloquin 14 days ago

7 pm please

Kelly G. Florentino 14 days ago

Monday is so busy. Any option for a different day.? 8pm is ok just the day of week.

Phyllis Kelliher 14 days ago

no later than 7pm please

Jo-Ann Moore 14 days ago

7pm would be much better for me.

Terri Maine 13 days ago

I am flexible, what works well for the group.

Marianne Hurley 12 days ago


Cynthia Buckley 11 days ago


Karen Johnson about 19 hours ago

I also prefer 7pm

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