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SURVEY! Virtual Vendors?

Posted 9 months ago by Jeanette Thibault

As a committee trying to stay connected during COVID, we want to know what people think about virtual vendors. What this means is we have vendors that have helped us sponsor events for members to keep costs down, and we would like to stay connected to them.

But now that many events are virtual, would you be interested in virtual meetings with vendors (i.e. pharmaceutical reps/medical technology reps)?

  1. Yes, I love learning about new medications/products
  2. Yes, only if there are CEUs that can be obtained
  3. No, I am only interested in live events (like at restaurants)
  4. Other

Please respond in the comments!


Mary Cabral 9 months ago

Virtual meeting is a good idea .Can obtain updates and clinical info while at home.

Phyllis Kelliher 9 months ago

Yes. If I was available I would attend

Kellyann G. Florentino 9 months ago

No I would like live events. I would not be able to fit this into my schedule- as I will just chart the whole time and my learning will be reduced!

Nancy Harritos 9 months ago

Yes, I am interested in attending virtual meetings about new medications, products, practice guidelines, etc. Having vendor-sponsored events and meetings is fine with me as long as NPARI leadership has approved the agenda.

Elisabeth Butler 9 months ago

A virtual meeting will be best for me. I am interested in pain management, new medications and updates on practice guidelines.

Cynthia Buckley 9 months ago

Yes. I like learning about new medication, products, guidelines. Our clients see the ads on TV and ask us about them so we need to stay well informed.

Karen Johnson 8 months ago

I always enjoy live events but would also attend a virtual event if there was something to learn. CME credits are not especially important to me I already have way more than I need...

Marianne Hurley 8 months ago

Virtual are fine with me. Live is better as get to meet and talk with others, but right now virtual is the best way to go.

Mary Ann Santos 7 months ago

Yes. If the meeting could be grouped, say 1 hour with multiple vendors presenting in a preset time slot.

Mary Blanchet 3 months ago

Yes, would like to learn about new products with or without CME.

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