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Nominations for elected positions are due 10/13/22.

Anyone interested in Vice President (President-elect), Secretary, or Board Member should contact Danielle Simmons and Terri Maine to submit their name to be in running. Election to be held in November.



Descriptions of positions with responsibilities listed below per the by-laws:'

9.3: President-elect: One (1) year term elected in even numbered years; automatically assumes office of President following expiration of term, i.e., January 1, of the following year after elected.
President Elect: 
⦁    Responsible to the NPARI President and membership.
⦁    Supervises Committee(s) as appointed by the President.
⦁    Participates in a preceptor-mentor role so that she/he will gain experience prior to transition to serve as President
⦁    Presides at Board and /or membership meetings in absence of the President.
⦁    Reviews and updates operating guidelines (by-laws) during the 2-year term of service then presents the drafted revisions to the Board for approval followed by a general membership review and vote.
⦁    Reviews and updates Policy and Procedures Manual during the 2-year term of service and presents a draft to the Board.

9.4: Secretary: Two (2) year term elected in even numbered years.
 Corresponding Secretary
⦁    Keeps the organization’s official membership roll and to call the roll where it is required.
⦁    Notifies officers, committee members and delegates of their election or appointment, to furnish committees with whatever documents are required for the performance of their duties, and to have on hand at each meeting a list of all existing committees and their members.
⦁    To sign all certified copies of acts of the society.
⦁    In the absence of the president and the president-elect, to call the meeting to order and preside until the immediate election of a chairman pro-tem.

Board of Directors:

8.1: The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, consists of the President, and the President-Elect and all elected members of the Board of Directors who shall serve for a term of two (2) elected years, or as specified in these bylaws. No member of the Board of Directors shall serve more than three (3) elected consecutive terms in the same position.
8.2: As the governing body of the organization, members of the Board of Directors shall serve in good faith, shall uphold the highest professional, ethical, and legal standards, and shall fulfill the functions of their positions.
8.3: There shall be at least four (4) regular meetings of the Board of Directors each year. 
8.4: There should be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 Board Members.  Replacement of a Board Member shall only occur with the resignation of an acting Board Member.