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Posted over 3 years ago by Denise Coppa

Hello All:  I have updated information from the dept of health.  There were 3 notices sent out re obtaining an APRN license.  The first went out in December for $145.  For those of us that sent that in, our CSR was deemed null.  That means that any scheduled II prescriptions we have written since (for me) Dec. 23 were technically not legal.  I suggest you all go to the DOH     and check ALL of your licenses.  You should have 4 (if you renewed), 3 if not.

Now...if you did not renew in Dec and are due March 1, 2015, you cannot write for controlled substances UNTIL your APRN license is renewed, because this includes your CSR.

The notice to renew by March 1, 2015 indicates that you owe $345. If you paid the APRN fee in Dec., you just need to send in $200 to reinstate your CSR.

If you have questions, you can email me or call Maureen Stowick at DOH  (222-1109).