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Medicaid and other Health Insurance Issues

Posted about 4 years ago by Denise Coppa

I and Donna Policastro met with Secretary of HHS, Elizabeth Roberts today around the inventining Medicaid initiative the governor charged her with and other NP issues in relation to health insurers.  She was very receptive and, at the moment, is most concerned with receiving actual case scenarios of problems NP's are having where health insurance is a barrier to patient access. I had 3 cases to share with her.  She was very receptive.  Going forward, please send her ANY examples you have where you have had difficulty with health insurance credentialing and reimbursement.  Send the examples to:   Send a copy to NPARI at     

Secondly, she is very concerned about behavioral health care and interested to know how many Psych NP's are actually conducting Behavioral Health.  If you are a licensed Psych NP, please let us know, so we can share. 



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